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Here is an effective way to top up your bank balance - guided by a professional trader.

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Dear Reader,

My name is Mark Austin and I have been successfully trading the markets for over 10 years.

To me it is all about LIFESTYLE and my trading allows me to live in some of the most beautiful parts of the Far East (see photo below).

My service was launched early in 2010 and since then we are up over 2000 points! (see chart below)

Please note: Financial trading (aka betting) can give rise to losses in excess of your initial capital due to leverage.  Please see the important risk warning and disclaimers at the end of this piece.



We have now stopped taking new subscriptions to this service (MFS) other than via POM and KrautGap upgrades (there are links in two of the modules) as MFS is an integral part of POM and MFS is also a natural step from Krautgap and we are concerned not to disrupt the learning process of existing clients.

Payment links on this promo have now been amended to the appropriate rates for POM.

If you want to join the waiting list please email (you will receive an email asking you to confirm your wish to join).

Thank you for your interest in MFS


Key trading calls by SMS

When you subscribe to my service I will be in touch with you regularly showing you the low risk opportunities I trade myself. Every morning you will get an email setting out my plan for the day so that you can make money alongside my own trading.

On average I will be giving you at least 1-3 trades a week, looking out for solid BUY and SELL signals to make maximum gains from the FTSE 100 - I "specialise" in this market and I know it like the back of my hand.

Often these trades arise from my "early morning briefing" which you will receive by email between 07h45 and 08h00 so you know what to do well before the trade has even been opened.

But the best calls could come at any time - not just when you happen to be at your computer. That's why, unlike many other trading sites, my FTSE service sends you an SMS message to your mobile phone (plus an e-mail) every time I open or close a trade after the early morning trading report - so you can make sure you don't miss out on the latest trade.

What's more, I'll always tell you at what point the market would negate a trade and many of my subscribers use these points as stop loss levels - so if something does go wrong, you can limit your losses.

But its not all about trading alerts. One feature that has made this service one of the most popular trading services in the UK is the mentorship aspect. I share a vast amount of my knowledge so you can learn and profit from the market as I do. Plus you get regular market analysis/forecasts to aid your own trading business and so you understand why I am taking a trade before I even take it. In fact I have added a fair bit to the service since we started out including...

THE MAGNET. A high probability target system (70% win rate) of where the FTSE is heading for that day with an accompanying low risk set up. (but low risk does not mean low profit!)

LIFESTYLE TRADE. A trade specifically designed for those with no time to trade but want a second income.

MEDIUM TERM FORECAST - Identifying the medium term direction of the FTSE. This part of the service is suited to swing trading and will help traders plan their own trades.

And in addition you also get all of this:

  • SMS trades for various other strategies I employ on the FTSE
  • Full system disclosure on select strategies
  • Daily Analysis
  • Mentorship
  • A DVD of a full day's seminar I gave to my clients


Mark you are on fire, v impressed at the moment.
regards” Zak Mir

Your service is just AWESOME!!!

Thanks for the signals. With this one trade, the system has already paid for itself! Fantastic!  ST

I did exactly as you advised and am closed out of my positions with full profit on both trades today. Your short call on the ftse was just a dream to watch...

Your technical abilities are truly incredible. (how do you do that??!!!) AD

You are simply the best. Graham

Great Calls, it all seems to be coming together for me now ,what a great team we make!  Gary

Don't we all love a 4 point risk trade, you're a legend Mark - Leonard

You keep amazing me with your market reading 
Well done !!! Azher

What a call...........fantastic!!! WW

An excellent call this morning.
If you were closer I'd buy you a beer.
In fact carry on doing this and you can marry my daughter..  David

Hi Mark, impressive call today, thanks very much! I've only joined a couple of weeks ago and what I've seen been very good. GB

Keep up the good work as out of all the services i have tried in recent years its the only one that has made a profit in the first month. Barry

It's been a great ride so far, a first class service, and great value for money, keep up the great work Mark! Aldo

Excellent, worked out very well for me! Tom

I am learning a lot from your service - Azzi

Here are some video comments following Mark's recent seminars:

Here is a chart of our success to date...

I did not compile this chart. It was put together by one of my subscribers who was so impressed by the trades I was pushing out that he just had to see how it looked graphically - well now you know. It looks fabulous!

The chart starts in February 2010 and goes up to the end of last month and you will see that my trading produced a total in excess of 2000 points out of FTSE! If you had been trading at £10 per point that amounts to over £20,000!

My goal is to make another 1000 points in the next twelve months!

...and of course the beauty of trading is that as the profits come in you are free to increase the size of your bets.

Plus I have only had two losing months!

At this point I must tell you that past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. In future years losses may occur more often but I have been trading professionally for ten years and my systems have been proven again and again.


Mark Austin's Magnetic FTSE Service (MFS) usually costs £67 per month BUT you get it for just £547 for one year, over 30% off - just £45.58 each month! AND you get a free DVD of the full day's seminar I gave in July 2010, at the time we charged £595 to attend this seminar and it is full of good stuff - add in the DVD and the total saving is £852 - 60% off the full price!! 

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • A professional Trading DVD taught by a full-time trader

  • This DVD condenses all my knowledge from over 10 years trading the FTSE into one exclusive day held at Wotton House

  • Most traditional educational courses you buy off the shelf are in most cases taught by failed traders or non traders.  It’s a big reason why so many struggle at trading as they are learning strategies and methods taught from failed traders.  My methods are how the professional traders approach the markets and you may well find this very different to what you have learnt in the past and maybe even controversial.

  • The DVD strips away all the irrelevant information on trading and focuses only on what the professional use every day to make consistent money out of the FTSE. This is a must for anyone who is serious about trading and has thus far struggled with traditional trading methods. The majority fail at trading because everyone is following the same rules and most of these rules revolve around lagging indicators such as RSI, MACD etc. 

  • The Lifestyle trader

  • The professional approach to price action

  • Gap Trading

  • Elliott Waves

  • The ultimate power of systems and strategies

  • Binary Trading

  • Professional trading psychology

  • Risk Control and Money Management

The systems outlined in this DVD have provided me with the ‘’free lifestyle’’ that I now lead.  I currently live in the Far East lapping up the sun and sea. If I choose to move on all I need is my laptop, internet access, and my strategies.  This is one of the many perks of becoming a full time trader. 

We are only opening the doors to a maximum of 100 new subscribers at this time. So please do not delay!

PLUS simply cancel within the first month for a FULL refund - no questions asked! (and you get to keep the DVD!)

To sign up just click on the button below or if you want more information feel free to email me at

Now you can make the most of Thailand without leaving home

I'm afraid I can't bring you the weather, beautiful scenery or cultural delights of Thailand - but through my FTSE service you can enjoy one major advantage of life out here - time.

The UK market opens out here at 2pm, which means I have plenty of time prior to the trading day to analyse the market and pick the right trades for you - so you don't need to be up at the crack of dawn analysing signals from the US, etc.

My strategy - and the success it's brought me

I concentrate solely on the FTSE 100.

Why? Because that's where I have most experience and success. Over 10 years, I have built up a wealth of knowledge on how to trade this market successfully, which I pass on to subscribers.

The objective of this service is to provide a unique insight into how a professional trader goes about his business. All degrees of risk management, market analysis and money management are communicated, as well as the techniques to provide you with an edge on the market.
In addition you will also be given exclusive access to high probability trades every week - so you can profit as I do.

My service adopts a low risk strategy and is suitable for those who want to trade with small trading accounts.

But does low risk mean small profits? Not so far.

So far this service has already produced a tax free income in excess of £4000 using as little as GBP 2 a point!

If you want to get all my trading alerts, based on the same methods that have brought me this success, just click below to subscribe to my FTSE service.

But my service is about a lot more than simply my results.

It is all about helping you make money in the markets. I have over 10 years' experience trading FTSE so I know what I'm looking for. 

Plus, here's what leading trader and best-selling investment author John Piper says about my service:

John Piper "When I met Mark I was enormously impressed with his trading abilities, so much so that I decided to recommend him to my clients. This may have been a mistake, some seem to prefer his service to mine!"

How much will all this cost you?

Right now, as a special introductory offer, you can still get my service for 32% off, just £547 for the first year!

After that, once you have realised what a great service it is, you can continue receiving all my SMS alerts and trading e-mails for £547 pq - still a saving of 32% off our normal price, 60% if you include the DVD!

If you would like to be one of the lucky few to get on board at this reduced price, please click on the PayPal button below...

BUT FIRST read the risk warning and disclaimer below - when you click on any PayPal button you are confirming your agreement to these terms and conditions.

I hope you enjoy and make good money from my service.

Best wishes,

Mark Austin

If you would like more information feel free to email me at

PS. Remember we are only opening our lists to a maximum of 200 new traders!

PPS. And there is a full money back guarantee.



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